Tour the Course

Hole 1

par 4 • 408 yds
From the tee there is no trouble on the left but plenty on the right. Aim between the 150 marker and the left edge of the fairway. Same idea with your approach shop – stay to the left to be safe.

Hole 2

par 5 • 572 yds
Split the left and right traps with your drive up the center. The right trap is tough to reach off the tee. Your 2nd shot up the hill should be on the right third of the fairway to avoid a difficult shot over the waste banker on the left. Hit your 2nd shot at far as you can. The green is very long front to back so pay attention to the pin position on your approach shot.

Hole 3

par 4 • 403 yds
A good drive will carry the right fairway bunker and leave an easy second shot. If you?re in doubt aim left of the bunker at the 150 marker. Don?t go long on the approach shot. It?s a long way down to the woods.

Hole 4

par 4 • 367 yds
Aim your tee shot at the tall pine trees on the right hill. The only problems on this hole are the four bunkers on the left.

Hole 5

par 4 • 399 yds
Your tee shot should go over the bunker on the left but won’t reach the one on the right. Aim slightly left of center on the drive. The only trouble at the green is the front right trap.

Hole 6

par 3 • 199 yds
The green is huge, probably 3 club lengths difference front to back. Check your distance closely. Don’t go right over the mounds and path into the woods.

Hole 7

par 5 • 511 yds
Any shot in the fairway is good off the tee. Big trouble too far left and too far right. Most 2nd shots will go in the pond if you go at the pin unless you’re an ace. Follow the fairway around the left side of the big oaks for an easy 3rd shot onto the green.

Hole 8

par 3 • 167 yds
Watch your club selection for distance. Too long is never a problem here. Short and right will cost you a penalty.

Hole 9

par 4 • 491 yds
Hit your longest drive of the day here up the middle. Stay out of the mounded trees on the right. Now hit your 2nd longest shot of the day and you’ll get home. Hopefully the winds not in your face and don’t forget to take in the view.

Hole 10

par 4 • 396 yds
This is a split fairway. The lower right fairway is shorter on this dog leg right but the trees and a trap block your 2nd shot to the green. The best way to play this is put your drive onto or over the top of the hill at the 150 marker or to the right of it on a long drive. A long drive left of the marker may put you in the woods.

Hole 11

par 5 • 536 yds
Down the middle is the best plan. A drive too far right may end on the mounds. Never cut the inside left corner to close or you’ll loose a shot down in the woods. Cutting across the 10th hole to reach the green is O.B. A long 2nd shot should come in from the right side as everything rolls down the hill from right to left onto the punch bowl green.

Hole 12

par 3 • 203 yds
Distance, distance, distance. Watch your yardage. Add one club for a mild breeze, add 2 clubs for a moderate breeze, add 3 for a stiff wind.

Hole 13

par 4 • 289 yds
The landing area feeds the green from left of right. A long drive off the green tee can get you on in one. A lot of people go too long to the left over the fence. No charge for hitting the barn or silo.

Hole 14

par 4 • 399 yds
Your tee shot should go over the bunker on the left but won’t reach the one on the right. Aim slightly left of center on the drive. The only trouble at the green is the front right trap.

Hole 15

par 4 • 373 yds
Aim your tee shop just left of center. A small brook runs diagonally across the fairway about 250 yards out on the left and 210 yards on the right. A long hitter should use a 3 iron.

Hole 16

par 4 • 414 yds
Play this one on the right third of the fairway all the way including your second shot. Everything feeds right to left. Stay away from the left side traps all the way and the steep bank into the beaver pond.

Hole 17

par 3 • 223 yds
Add one or two club lengths to whatever you think you should hit here. Don’t be embarrassed to pull out your 3 wood or driver. No problems going a little long. Most shots fall short on the hill or in the trap.

Hole 18

par 4 • 455 yds
Now that’s a fairway. It’s wide so hit your driver as far as possible at the 150 marker. Play your 2nd at the right ? of the green. Most shots on the right hill will feed down onto the green. Avoid the sand trap guarding the left side.